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Mee Rebus is on!

9, Nov 2011

Hey y’all!  How’s it going?!  Melbourne’s weather has been crazy this week, right?!  Let’s hope it gets better.   This Saturday we have Mee Rebus!  It is also available on Friday, for those who can’t make it on Saturday.   We’ll see you all soon!

Mee Rebus is back!

28, Sep 2011

Our popular Penang Mee Rebus is back this Saturday!   Savour the delightful dish, noodles drizzled with smooth sweet potato sauce and other condiments. Please note to all readers:  If you want updates on what’s happening at Madam Kwong’s Kitchen, click “like” on our Facebook page.

We had a lot of customers asking us to make mee rebus again.  The last time we made Mee Rebus, it sold out so quickly.  As promised, this Saturday we are serving  up Mee Rebus.  Let’s hope there’re enough lol.  So come early and don’t be dissapointed.

This weekend specials (Saturday only) are…  Be in early and don’t be dissapointed! {edit} I’ve been getting emails asking about our trading hours.  We are opened from 11 am till 3pm, Tuesday till Saturday.   Therefore, don’t be dissapointed if you missed out on Mee Rebus!  See you there soon!

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