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Kueh Ko Chee

13, Oct 2008

Another nyonya kueh. This is steamed with glutinous rice paste with coconut filling and wrapped with banana leave (into a cone shape).

Rempah Udang

8, Oct 2008

Posting another Nyonya dessert… spiced glutinous rice rolls wrapped with banana leaf or some call it a spicy prawn dumpling nyonya kueh for a Straits-born Chinese Wedding Specialty.

Kueh Ko Swee recipe

27, Sep 2008

Posting more kuehs… this is steamed rice pudding, sprinkled with grated coconut.  Steamed in little Chinese tea cups. Recipe 185 grams rice flour 60 grams sago flour 280 grams sugar 3 ¼ cups water ½ teaspoon lye water Method Pre-cook the above ingredients till slightly thick. In a steamer heat up small porcelain cups for […]

Mixed Kueh

25, Sep 2008

I’ve posted my kuehs before but not with Suz’s new camera :D. What do you think? (Angkoo Kueh) (from the top – Seri Muka, Kueh Bengka, Kueh Talam and Kueh Lapis)

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