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Two weeks ago, our Ipoh Hor Fun was a hit with our customers.    It sold out so fast that our customers demanded we have it on special again.  So, your request is granted.  We are talking about this Saturday’s special.  Therefore, by popular request, Ipoh Hor Fun will be served up.  Don’t be late [...]

Something different!

22, Sep 2011

We have introduced to you a lot of Penang Hawkers Food.  This Saturday, we are serving up Ipoh Hor Fun.  It is simple chicken soup with flat rice noodles, shredded chicken, prawns, chives and beanshoots.  For those who have been following this blog, you can make Ipoh Hor Fun at home.  If you are lazy [...]

I am sure some of you have been to Ipoh for this.  Maybe not? Here’s a simple and quick way to cook up Ipoh Hor Fun.   Read the recipe after the jump.

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