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Lor Mee

13, Sep 2008

Yummmmm! This is what I’ve been craving for. Penang Lor Mee/Five Spice Lor Mee! Mom’s friend made this on the weekend.. Thank you thank you~~~ (Ms. Oo, are you reading this?) 😀 ㅋㅋㅋ

This is a Malaysian Hawker dish called “Kueh Kak”. To steam the radish cake Ingredients 1 radish (200gm clean and grated) 200gm wheat flour 500gm rice flour ¾ Tablespoon salt ½ Tablespoon sugar ½ teaspoon white pepper 2 cups of hot water (not boiling) Method: Mix all the above ingredients together with the hot water […]

Mee Java

16, Aug 2008

It is also known as Mee Rebus to some.  I posted this before last year ( Mee Java 2007 )but we had this again today.  Cooked by mom’s friend from Malaysia.  Doesn’t it look enticing! 😛

This is Uncle Ming’s Hokkien Mee. I always look forward to this whenever he cooks it. He only cooks it upon her daughter’s request whenever she returns to Melbourne lol. I promised him that I will blog his Hokkien Mee. So, here it is~ Sorry… no request for recipe! lol

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