Did you miss out on Penang Rojak last week?  Fret not, we will have it again this Saturday.  We are also serving up Chendol.  The dessert’s basic ingredients consist of coconut milk and worm-like jelly made from rice flour served with ice and palm sugar.   For those who wants to make Chendol, the blog will have the recipe up soon.

The kitchen has also prepared Mee Rebus this weekend.  See you this Saturday!

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Can’t get enough of  Ipoh Hor Fun?  Well, come in this weekend to get your share!  AND what else do you think we have?  Because it is the mango season, we have Penang Rojak.  A selection of green mango, yam bean, cucumber and pineapple mixed in sauce (made from hae ko prawn or shrimp paste) or dressing.  The rojak is very thick in consistency and texture.

Come early or you’ll miss out!

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Two weeks ago, our Ipoh Hor Fun was a hit with our customers.    It sold out so fast that our customers demanded we have it on special again.  So, your request is granted.  We are talking about this Saturday’s special.  Therefore, by popular request, Ipoh Hor Fun will be served up.  Don’t be late or you’ll be dissapointed.

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Mee Rebus is back!

28 Sep

Our popular Penang Mee Rebus is back this Saturday!   Savour the delightful dish, noodles drizzled with smooth sweet potato sauce and other condiments.

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Something different!

22 Sep

We have introduced to you a lot of Penang Hawkers Food.  This Saturday, we are serving up Ipoh Hor Fun.  It is simple chicken soup with flat rice noodles, shredded chicken, prawns, chives and beanshoots.  For those who have been following this blog, you can make Ipoh Hor Fun at home.  If you are lazy :) , why not head down to Madam Kwong’s Kitchen.  Oh by the way, while waiting for your food, make sure you try our Malaysia Nyonya Kuih.


Mee Siam, anyone?

15 Sep

The weather forecast for this Saturday is 25 C late shower.  What a nice weather!  So don’t bother to pack your bathers and hit the beach lol  Head down to Madam Kwong’s Kitchen for our weekend specials!  We have “Mee Siam” and by popular demand “Chee Cheong Fun”  See you all soon!






Hello All!  Are you looking forward to this weekend’s special?  We had a special request from one of our customers, asking us to make Penang Chee Cheong Fun.  So his wish is granted… this weekend we will be serving up Chee Cheong Fun.   Additionally, we will also be having Mee Rebus.   Don’t miss out on these specials!  We hope to see you all this Saturday!

We are also have Teh Tarik available tomorrow (Sep 8) and Friday (Sep 9).  Only for a limited time.

New stock of durians just arrived today, so hurry and get your favorites!



Laksa again?

31 Aug

Well, another type of laksa!

So, you’ve tried Curry Laksa and Penang Assam Laksa @ Madam Kwong’s Kitchen but have you tried Thai Laksa Lemak?  You will love this creamy coconut broth of laksa.   Be early at Madam Kwong’s Kitchen!  See you all soon :)

Madam Kwong’s Kitchen now has The Penang famous branded durians as well as Musang King for sale. We have only limited stock available. So hurry in and stock up your fridge.

Did you know that Madam Kwong’s Kitchen serves up many types of curries?  This weekend, we will be serving your favourite curry with roti bread.  If curries are not your thing, well… there are still many Malaysian Hawkers food available *wink* *wink*

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