What can I say about me? I am passionate about Malaysian cooking especially Nyonya food.  I am a qualified Chef who has worked in 4- 5 star hotels  but am now semi-retired.  I was born in Langkawi and raised in Penang, Malaysia but moved here to Australia over 20 years ago.   When I moved here, there was lack of resources such as spices, fragrant leaves etc.  Nowadays, you could find anything from my hometown in every Asian Groceries.  I feel extremely blessed.

Recipes are also available on this blog (please seek permission if you going to use my recipes on other sites – you’re stealing). We will also post our favorite restaurants around Melbourne, Australia (yes, that’s where we are located) along with my travels around the world.

This site is managed by my daughter, Suz, a contributor (but not a writer) and photographer.

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