Food Journey in Korea

29 Dec

A few months ago, I was vacationing in Korea, now one of my favorite place to visit.   We were there on a tour for 6 days and another 4 days on our own.   The only negative thing on the bus tour was with a Mandarin speaking tour guide.  Sigh! Lost in translation but thank God, there were nice people on the bus who help with the translation LOL… Though I do understand the basic Korean language. Thanks to my addiction… Korean dramas LOL.   My family and friends know that I am a Korean drama addict.  So going to Korea was highly anticipated and exciting.  Shopping and eating were top on my list.  If you ask me to do it again, I won’t hesitate.  I love the fresh food, the people (maybe not the haraboji (old man, grandfather), the weather and everything else were wonderful.

Sigh!  I took too many photos and have not gotten the chance to filter them.  (I’ll post them all soon)

Most Korean food are spicy which suits me just fine.  I think I may have too much kimchi in the first week LOL.  (err.. don’t think you want me to go into details).  The first two days in Korea, we spent in Jeju Island.  The flight took less than an hour from Gimpo Airport.  It was still Autumn, so the weather is just cool (around 20-22C).  Mandarin oranges were in season.  Jeju Island has one of the best produce in Korea.  People from the mainland would buy by the boxes home.  A must do in this island is to try their fresh seafood.  Live optopus/cooked is a delicacy, dipped in chili sauce or wasabi (see picture above).  Not much else to see here except to visit one of the biggest Teddy Bear museum.  I spotted the most expensive and original Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear costing about US$220.000.  Amazing, right?  I couldn’t resist but I bought a teddy bear from the souvenir shop.  How could I not…

After spending two nights in Jeju Island, we were off to Everland Theme Park in the mainland.  Felt like a kid again… This theme park is the biggest in Korea.  Family and their children would the fill their weekends in this park.  It is almost impossible to visit the park on the weekends.  Lucky for us, we went on a weekday.    Other places visited were Mt Sorak National Park, Hot Spring Theme Park, Changdeok Palace, Toy Kino (biggest collection of toys), Korea Movie World.    Besides visiting all these place, we also had a DIY kimchi lesson.   We also ate one of biggest Bimbibap (mixed rice – see below).

I shall not bore you with my journey which I wish I could share more… here are some of the food (not all are posted but will post soon).

side dishes

more side dishes

BBQ chicken

Abalone Porridge or Juk (in Korean)

Fried batter with red bean filling (Bungeo Pang)


Sliced abalone

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