Hawkers’ food (Hong Kong style)

12 Apr

Okay.. I always wanted to try “Tai Pai Tong” (Hawkers’ food) in Hong Kong. 

We went to this place twice in Sha Tin.  It was quite a hard place to search for.  You need help from a local.  The first time, we took a taxi and the driver didn’t even know where it was. That took us more than an hour. Our local friend had to instruct him.  Taxi is too expensive… don’t take the taxi lol.  The second time, we took the bus, so much easier and a lot cheaper.  So, our tip is, find your route and take the bus (remember the Bus #).  So easy.  HK transportation is so convenient, using their MTR Octopus Card, you can go any where.

When we arrived there, wow, there were so many stalls to choose from. We were looking at what other people were eating.   But, our friends took us to their favorite stall.  We ordered their speciality… fresh fish skin.  Loved the fresh fish skin.  Amazingly delicious… and the crunch… hmmm   It’s the first we’ve tried this dish.  Even tasted better the second time.   This dish had the fish skin (of course), coriander leaves, a touch of soya sauce and garnished with freshly cut chilli & sesame seed.  The deep fried pigeon was great too.  The skin is so crispy.  These were their signature dishes.

Sorry for the lack of photos… the food dissapeared within seconds 😀 . 

Oh! I almost forgot… when you are eating at this stall, ask for their porridge.  This is to die for.  You’ll never find it anywhere else.  You’ll ask for seconds.. wanna bet? lol.

Try out this place (highly recommended):

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April 19th, 2008 at 1:34 am

Mmm… looks so good!
Hungry….hungry… hehehe

Hi Auntie! :) is Suz still sleeping? lol…

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