Thanh Ha 1

26 Jun

I just love authentic Vietnamese food.   I guessed it is because of the simplicity of the food that makes it appealing.     Lunch time during weekends is always busy but try getting in earlier, you’ll find a spot.  Besides the regular Pho you have at any Vietnamese restaurant, you gotta try other dishes, like the pancake stuffed with seafood and beanshoots.  We tried Bun with sugar cane wrapped with prawns, chicken coleslaw, grilled beef wrapped with betel leaves, Vietnamese rolls etc.

This restaurant is located in:

Thanh Ha 1
172 Victoria Street
9429 8130

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1 Response to Thanh Ha 1



July 5th, 2009 at 3:13 pm

Not been back for awhile now. This place is famous for the pancake. And the vietnamese coleslaw is really good.

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