Steamed Mud Crabs with salted duck’s egg and black bean recipe

30 May

I learned this recipe from my mom (Suz’s grandma). This recipes is very precious to me. Why? It’s because it brings back memories of my childhood years. Living by the seaside, crabs were always available.   My mom would always make this dish for the entire family (Dad and my other 6 siblings).

After seeing so many mud crabs available at Footscray Market today, I decided to make this for my mom.  The recipe is very easy to make but I’m sure you’ll be grumbling how to cut those nasty crabs.  :-)

1kg mud crab (wash & cut into pieces)
Spring onions (for garnishing)
1 tsp sesame oil (for garnishing)
3 cloves of fresh garlic (chopped finely)
half tsp of fresh ginger (chopped finely)
half Tbs black beans (soak for half hour, strain and chopped finely)
3 eggs (lightly whisk)
1 salted duck egg
330 ml warm water

– Mix all the ingredients together including the eggs
– Place the cut crabs in a dish or casserole
– Pour the mixture into the dish
– Steam for 20 minutes in medium heat
– Garnish spring onions and a teaspoon of sesame oil

Good luck and enjoy!

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