Kaneng Restaurant, Hadyai THAILAND

26 Feb

We decided to go Hadyai for an overnight trip.  It took us almost 3 hours from an early start at 6am.  Why an early start you ask? Well… this would give us ample time for more shopping and eating…  and shopping.  We traveled in a-8 seater van from Penang, Malaysia and even had few stops along the way ie. stopping in Alor Setar to pick my aunt up and two stops at both passport counters in Malaysia and Thailand.  Oh! You’ll have to pay RM$1 at the Thailand border.  Tax? Who knows… never ask.  We arrived in Hadyai, checked into our Hotel (god knows which one it was, all I remember it was close to the main market).  We took the “toot toot” (Thailand taxi) from hotel to Kaneng Restaurant for lunch.  It only took us 5-8 mins ride to the restaurant (less than AUD $5)… maybe we should have walked lol but it was soooo hot.

A short excerpt on Hadyai:

Located 1,300 kilometres from Bangkok, Had Yai is Southern Thailand’s commercial hub. Essentially just a large city, being only 50 kilometres from Pedang Besar on the Malaysian border, Hat Yai provides a gateway to Malaysia and the rest of Southeast Asia. For tourists its importance lies in being a major transition point for travel to a variety of destinations in the South. Easily accessible from Malaysia, the city is a popular weekend destination for Malaysians, and you will hear a substantial amount of ‘Bahasa Malaysia’ spoken alongside the truncated Thai which is the local dialect. Hat Yai’s particular interest is shopping – driven by Malaysian weekenders the market stalls offer virtually everything, with fantastic prices on technologies like stereos and PlayStations (apparently sold tax free because of the city’s border location). As with every large city in Thailand, you have your major department stores and chain restaurants. The city centre is essentially a China Town of gold shops and Chinese restaurants. Hat Yai is a good place to take in some civilized comfort, but aside from that, and its obvious advantages in terms of location, it has limited appeal for someone on holiday.

Some superb dishes we had.

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