Bebek Bengil, Bali INDONESIA

19 Feb

Hello all, just returned from a long vacation.  I’ve a lot to post from the holidays.  So, bear with me as I filter my photos.  Once of places we visited was Bali.  I admit that I was reluctant to go (eg. terrorist threats etc) but “what the heck”.   No regrets.

One of the many restaurants we ate at and must do in Bali is Bebek Bengil aka Dirty Duck Diner.  Some salivating dishes we’ve tried.

Most of the tables were facing the paddy fields… ain’t that beautiful?

Sauces for the duck


The famous Duck (sooooo.. crispy)

The ribs (soooo.. tender)

Seafood Combo (soooo.. fresh)

Nice, right? You gotta try this place if you are around Ubud.  After a full meal, we head off for more shopping.  Bebek Bengil is located on Hanoman Street, Padang Tegal UBUD  Bali (Tel: 62 361) 975489/ (62 361) 977675

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2 Responses to Bebek Bengil, Bali INDONESIA



February 19th, 2009 at 11:04 pm

I’ll be going to Bali in April! Hope I can try this place too!



May 9th, 2009 at 2:58 pm

I just came back from jarkata and saw a Bebek Bengil outlet there as well. So imagine my excitement :)

Love your blog, esp the write-ups abt HK…. Keep it going.


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