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Don’t forget we are open tomorrow!  Yes, Sunday!  Those who still have not tried Char Koay Teow, don’t miss it!  It could be the best in Melbourne!

Opening Sundays

16, Nov 2011

Hello readers!  Good News!  We will be opening Sundays as of November 20th.  Please also note our new Trading Days.

Mee Rebus is on!

9, Nov 2011

Hey y’all!  How’s it going?!  Melbourne’s weather has been crazy this week, right?!  Let’s hope it gets better.   This Saturday we have Mee Rebus!  It is also available on Friday, for those who can’t make it on Saturday.   We’ll see you all soon!

Mee Siam!

3, Nov 2011

We have Mee Siam this weekend!  The weather forecast indicates the 30s.  Make sure you put on some sun block and head down to Madam Kwong’s Kitchen for some lunch before heading out to the beach.  If you want something to cool yourself, we have Chendol for dessert. Hope to catch up with you this [...]

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