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Have you tried glutinous rice balls when you go for Dim Sum/Yum Cha?  They usually have them in the dessert cart.    Have a go with this easy recipe after the jump.  

Coconut Grater

17, Apr 2010

Following my recent guest post at Nyonya Food, Bee from Nyonya Food and Rasa Malaysia asked Suz to take some photos of the traditional coconut grater which I used for my Kuih Bengka.  This precious grater was given to me from a dear friend.  I truly treasure it.   Don’t despair if you can’t use this […]

I recently received an email from Bee of Rasa Malaysia and Nyonya Food, inviting me to guest post in her amazing blog.  Oh! Do head over there and check out her newly reconstructed design! Bee and I share something in common, well, besides cooking, speaking the same language or the love of food.  We are both […]

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