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Dates Chutney recipe

27, Feb 2010

Chutney is normally taken as condiments.  Either with pappadums, rice or roti, whatever you fancy.  That’s up to you.   This easy dates chutney recipe is favorites amongst my sisters.   My younger sister would always beg me to make it.   Granted, her chutney is preserved for her.   Oh! she better come and collect hers soon, Suz […]

Cheese Cake recipe

20, Feb 2010

  Say Cheese! This cheese cake recipe is adapted from a Malaysian Flavour’s magazine May-June 2007 edition.  It is said to be the “simplest and lightest of New York style cheesecake, and almost effortless to make”.  The writer said “impossible to fail”.  I must say, it is all true.  It was very easy to make.   […]

Chinese New Year happened to fall on Valentine’s Day.  This flourless hazelnut chocolate cake recipe is to die for and I’m sure your sweetheart will love you for it, if you baked it for her or him on Valentine’s Day.  This recipe is adapted from The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine. Recipe after the jump:

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