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I learned this recipe from my mom (Suz’s grandma). This recipes is very precious to me. Why? It’s because it brings back memories of my childhood years. Living by the seaside, crabs were always available.   My mom would always make this dish for the entire family (Dad and my other 6 siblings). After seeing so many […]

This was lunch today at Footscray.  Footscray is like Little Saigon in Melbourne.  Pho restaurants are found in every corner of this suburb.   Friends took us once to Hien Vuong for Pho and was said to be the best.  Ever since, we’ve returned to this restaurant.  Though it is such a long drive from home […]


29, May 2009

Shaomai or Dumpling as it is known in English is traditionally served as dim sum.  I made these for my client’s party and were served as finger food/canapes.  Great bite-size piece, right?    I haven’t got the chance to write the recipe yet but will do so soon.

Pulot Pisang*

18, May 2009

This looks like Pulot Udang which I’ve posted before but this dessert pulot is steamed.  Have a go… Ingredients: 400 grams glutinous rice (soak overnight) 130 grams sugar 250 mls coconut milk (tin) 1 teaspoon salt 10 ripe bananas* Banana leaves Method: Drain rice and steam for 20 minutes. Add in the 130 grams sugar […]

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