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Yam Cake recipe

13, Apr 2009

Yam Cake Recipe Ingredients: 250 grams rice flour 125 grams wheat flour (Tung Meen Fun) 2 ½ cups water (heat till quite warm) 250 grams yam (steam till cooked) 120 grams dried prawns (pound and fried till brown) 50 grams of fried shallots Fresh spring onion, cut freshly chilli Method: Mix the rice flour, wheat […]

I love to eat these as a child.  So, I asked my mom to teach me.  It is so easy to make.  Therefore, there shouldn’t be any excuse not to try.   Today being Good Friday in Australia, my family is having a huge BBQ feast at my aunt’s place.  Good thing I made enough for […]

(the array of seafood) Posting more food photos from Hong Kong.  This time, it is a seafood galore.  We had such a fantastic time at Sai Kung that it was the highlight of the trip.  The ride on one of those mini public bus was quite an experience.  If you watch any Hong Kong dramas, […]

Curry Laksa Recipe

2, Apr 2009

I’ve been getting emails from readers requesting the Curry Laksa Recipe (which I’ve forgotten to post) :D.  So, here it is:  Enjoy!  (Note that this recipe is for 20 people… you could feed a whole army.  I do have a big family.)   Recipe: Curry Laksa (20 persons) Ingredients: 1 kg cooked prawns 250 grams […]

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