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Let’s keep buzzing!

22, Oct 2008

Foodbuzz has put together the September “24, 24, 24″ video… check it out! So, let’s keep on buzzing 😀

Yambean (mungkuang) as shown above is vastly available in Australia from any Asian Grocery.  Though these yambean were small but they were cheap this Spring.  For this recipe, it is normally shredded with some carrots too. This Nyonya dish is traditionally cooked during Chinese New Year.  You can have it with rice or as a […]

Otak Otak recipe

15, Oct 2008

I am re-posting this recipe as I didn’t like the previous photo.  Suz has taken another photo.  It was featured in an earlier post. (Otak Otak old pix). Otak means brains in Malay and Indonesian.  It is also known as Otah Otah and the name of derived from the name of the dish is derived […]

Kueh Ko Chee

13, Oct 2008

Another nyonya kueh. This is steamed with glutinous rice paste with coconut filling and wrapped with banana leave (into a cone shape).

Foodbuzz Publisher Community Congratulations Foodbuzz! Madam Kwong’s Kitchen is happy to be a featured publisher and part of the food bloggers community. I encourage all food bloggers to join. AND it’s free. It’s here, it’s here! Foodbuzz, Inc. is unbelievably excited to announce the official launch of the Foodbuzz Publisher Community, which is comprised of […]

Rempah Udang

8, Oct 2008

Posting another Nyonya dessert… spiced glutinous rice rolls wrapped with banana leaf or some call it a spicy prawn dumpling nyonya kueh for a Straits-born Chinese Wedding Specialty.

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