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Lor Mee

13, Sep 2008

Yummmmm! This is what I’ve been craving for. Penang Lor Mee/Five Spice Lor Mee! Mom’s friend made this on the weekend.. Thank you thank you~~~ (Ms. Oo, are you reading this?) ūüėÄ „Öč„Öč„Öč

Authentic Thai Taste

13, Sep 2008

Last night, friends treated us for dinner at Authentic Thai Taste.¬† Yes, very authentic indeed.¬† Even the¬†utentils and¬†crockery¬†were¬†traditional.¬† The usual Tom Yum soup (haven’t had that for long time).¬† I was impressed. Papaya Salad This was refreshing.. shredded papaya, snake beans, tomatoes. You could taste the fish sauce too. Tom Yum Soup (nice but I […]

We lub Kimchi Hut

13, Sep 2008

Another post of Kimchi Hut. We can’t decide where to go for lunch yesterday… Kimchi Hut just popped into our minds. I think the owners knows us well now. (our 5th?).¬† By the way, they changed their menus too. Mungbean Pancake (Kimchi & Pork) – this was so nice and crispy, you could taste the […]

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