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30, Sep 2008

A spicy mixed vegetable pickle.  This can be kept refrigerated for months.

Kueh Ko Swee recipe

27, Sep 2008

Posting more kuehs… this is steamed rice pudding, sprinkled with grated coconut.  Steamed in little Chinese tea cups. Recipe 185 grams rice flour 60 grams sago flour 280 grams sugar 3 ¼ cups water ½ teaspoon lye water Method Pre-cook the above ingredients till slightly thick. In a steamer heat up small porcelain cups for […]

Bubur Cha Cha

26, Sep 2008

This Nyonya dessert has sweet potato and taro medley in a light coconut sauce.

Mixed Kueh

25, Sep 2008

I’ve posted my kuehs before but not with Suz’s new camera :D. What do you think? (Angkoo Kueh) (from the top – Seri Muka, Kueh Bengka, Kueh Talam and Kueh Lapis)

Pineapple Tarts recipe

25, Sep 2008

Recipe Pineapple Jam 2 pineapples 400 grams sugar Combine the above and cook till thick. Pastry 125 grams butter 140 grams plain flour 65 grams self raising flour 1 big egg yolk ½ tablespoon condensed milk ½ teaspoon vanilla Method Cream butter together with condensed milk vanilla till creamy before adding the egg yolk. Cream […]

Pan Mee

18, Sep 2008

This was dinner today.  Gosh! I am so full.   Doesn’t it look delicious with a poached egg on top?  Now, I have to convince the Chef (mom’s friend) to give me the recipe 😀  *fingers crossed*  Ms. Oo, what do you think? lol  It looks plain but when it’s mixed.. it is so good!

Lor Mee

13, Sep 2008

Yummmmm! This is what I’ve been craving for. Penang Lor Mee/Five Spice Lor Mee! Mom’s friend made this on the weekend.. Thank you thank you~~~ (Ms. Oo, are you reading this?) 😀 ㅋㅋㅋ

Authentic Thai Taste

13, Sep 2008

Last night, friends treated us for dinner at Authentic Thai Taste.  Yes, very authentic indeed.  Even the utentils and crockery were traditional.  The usual Tom Yum soup (haven’t had that for long time).  I was impressed. Papaya Salad This was refreshing.. shredded papaya, snake beans, tomatoes. You could taste the fish sauce too. Tom Yum Soup (nice but I […]

We lub Kimchi Hut

13, Sep 2008

Another post of Kimchi Hut. We can’t decide where to go for lunch yesterday… Kimchi Hut just popped into our minds. I think the owners knows us well now. (our 5th?).  By the way, they changed their menus too. Mungbean Pancake (Kimchi & Pork) – this was so nice and crispy, you could taste the […]

These dumplings are made of glutinous rice stuffed with meat, mung beans, mushrooms and chestnut, wrapped in bamboo leaves. It is steamed for a few hours. There many varieties of dumplings but the savoury ones are more popular.

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