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This is a Malaysian Hawker dish called “Kueh Kak”. To steam the radish cake Ingredients 1 radish (200gm clean and grated) 200gm wheat flour 500gm rice flour ¾ Tablespoon salt ½ Tablespoon sugar ½ teaspoon white pepper 2 cups of hot water (not boiling) Method: Mix all the above ingredients together with the hot water […]

Bun Bo Hue

29, Aug 2008

Whatta beautiful day today.  I guess Spring is approaching.  We decided to go to Gleadell Street Market again.  Gosh! Pineapples for a dollar each.  Bargain!  We bought ten… will have to do some pineapple tarts later in the week. Later, we had lunch at Richmond.  Yes, again… food is cheap at Little Vietnamese town.  This […]

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