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Kimchi Hut

26, Jul 2008

Okay, I confess.  This is the third time we’ve been to Kimchi Hut.  The food is so good and authentic.  Each time we went, we try to order different items from the menu but we never miss the pork belly.  It fun eating it with the paste, sesame oil and lettuce. 

Curry Puff recipe

22, Jul 2008

As promised, here is the curry puff recipe. Pastry A 250gms plain flour 60gms soft butter 140mls vegetable oil Pastry B 450gms plain flour 375mls cold water Method Mix A into a soft dough and divide into 20 portions Mix B and divide into 20 portions Cover A dough with B dough Roll into long […]

Giuseppe, Arnaldo & Sons has been inspired by a vision of a third millennium Roman-style trattoria (usually an inexpensive or informal restaurant or cafe specializing in Italian dishes), to illustrate a contemporary idea of Rome within the heart of Melbourne. We had lunch at Giuseppe, Arnaldo & Sons (GAS), located at Crown Casino on Sunday.  […]

Well, it is Mom’s birthday!  Cousin  wanted to have breakfast.  We decided to go to Camberwell.  Instead of going to our favorite place, Georges, we thought we try out Short Black Cafe.  Here’s what we tried: Cousin had the burger… it looks huge but my cousin was hungry after a long workout at the gym.   I had […]

Lunch at Flower Drum

14, Jul 2008

Last weekend, friends treated us to lunch at the Flower Drum.  We walked to Market Lane on this wintry day.  The walk didn’t help us warm up lol. The restaurant was on a top level and walking up seemed a struggle.  Wow, the ambience is so nice.  I must admit the service was excellent.  I think we […]

What a beautiful and sunny weekend!  We decided to drive to Frankston and Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, Australia) today for lunch, using the newly developed Eastlink.  It took us 30-40 minutes drive.  Not bad, huh.  If you are using the longer route, I say it would take you over an hour.  (Suz would rather drive her […]

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