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Fish Curry

24, Nov 2007

Ain’t that delicious!

Mango & Prawn Kerabu

24, Nov 2007

Kerabu means tossed or mixed salad/vegetable. Yum!

“Yong Tau Foo”

24, Nov 2007

Varied vegetables stuffed with fish paste, served with sweet bean sauce. Tempting, right?! It is normally deep fried until golden brown, or sometimes braised.  Eggplant/aubergine and bittermelon were used as shown above.

Loh Bak

24, Nov 2007

Deep fried, marinated meat in five spice and wrapped with beancurd sheets

Roasted Chicken Curry

24, Nov 2007

This is delicious with rice or roti. Oooooh!

Beef Rendang

24, Nov 2007

Great with rice or roti!

Lam Mee

24, Nov 2007

Made for special occasions eg. Birthdays. Mouth watering~

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