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This is a Malaysian Hawker dish called “Kueh Kak”. To steam the radish cake Ingredients 1 radish (200gm clean and grated) 200gm wheat flour 500gm rice flour ¾ Tablespoon salt ½ Tablespoon sugar ½ teaspoon white pepper 2 cups of hot water (not boiling) Method: Mix all the above ingredients together with the hot water […]

Mee Java

16, Aug 2008

It is also known as Mee Rebus to some.  I posted this before last year ( Mee Java 2007 )but we had this again today.  Cooked by mom’s friend from Malaysia.  Doesn’t it look enticing! 😛

This is Uncle Ming’s Hokkien Mee. I always look forward to this whenever he cooks it. He only cooks it upon her daughter’s request whenever she returns to Melbourne lol. I promised him that I will blog his Hokkien Mee. So, here it is~ Sorry… no request for recipe! lol

Okay.. I always wanted to try “Tai Pai Tong” (Hawkers’ food) in Hong Kong. 

Mee Siam

9, Feb 2008

Dry vermicelli noodles, with prawns, eggs, beancurd, chives, garnished with spring onions/green onions and fried onions.  Finished with a squeeze of lemon.  Dig in!  The secret ingredient is the sauce!

Mee Java

6, Jan 2008

The sauce is made from sweet potatoes…

Penang Assam Laksa

1, Dec 2007

  My niece from London came home for a visit and asked for a special request.  She requested her favorite Assam Laksa. Here it is. 

Lam Mee

24, Nov 2007

Made for special occasions eg. Birthdays. Mouth watering~

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