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Food Journey in Korea

29, Dec 2009

A few months ago, I was vacationing in Korea, now one of my favorite place to visit.   We were there on a tour for 6 days and another 4 days on our own.   The only negative thing on the bus tour was with a Mandarin speaking tour guide.  Sigh! Lost in translation but […]

(the array of seafood) Posting more food photos from Hong Kong.  This time, it is a seafood galore.  We had such a fantastic time at Sai Kung that it was the highlight of the trip.  The ride on one of those mini public bus was quite an experience.  If you watch any Hong Kong dramas, […]

While in Penang, I wanted to try some of my favorite Hawkers Food eg. Hokkien Mee and Lor Mee in Penang.   Our Penang friends or any Penang local would tell what is best.  I am sure there are many others around.  We just follow where ever they take us. O Well!  I can’t complain what […]

Oh I love coming back this place… my favorite Curry Mee in Penang.  It feels like going down the memory lane.  I haven’t been back to Penang for many years.  But every time I am in Penang, I gotta try the Air Itam Curry Penang.  These lovely ladies (both sisters) have been here for many […]

(Fresh Fish Skin) Besides traveling to Thailand, we also flew to Hong Kong for a few nights.  Not only we went there for shopping but the food in Hong Kong is to die for.  Last year, our Hong Kong friends took us to this village.  This time, we brought our Malaysian friends along (9 of […]

(Gulai Tumis) Friends took us for some Nyonya food as soon as we stepped out of Penang Airport (kidding).  I’ve read from a few food bloggers sites about this place.  Some bad and some good but friends tell us, it is not too bad.  Coincidentally, our last day in Penang, we went to another Nyonya […]

We decided to go Hadyai for an overnight trip.  It took us almost 3 hours from an early start at 6am.  Why an early start you ask? Well… this would give us ample time for more shopping and eating…  and shopping.  We traveled in a-8 seater van from Penang, Malaysia and even had few stops […]

Hello all, just returned from a long vacation.  I’ve a lot to post from the holidays.  So, bear with me as I filter my photos.  Once of places we visited was Bali.  I admit that I was reluctant to go (eg. terrorist threats etc) but “what the heck”.   No regrets. One of the many restaurants […]

Just returned from Bali but still not back in Melbourne. We had a great time in Bali eating, shopping and relaxing. The Balinese people are so friendly.  Our driver picked us up from the airport.  Gosh! The only downside was the wait at the passport counter.  I had to pay USD10 for an Indonesian Visa […]

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