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Hello all,  sorry for not updating the blog.  The only reason – we are all busy.    However, we have been extra busy, thanks to a small little write up in the 2 weeks ago.   But we were a little surprised when a friend rang yesterday to say, we were in the newspaper.  We did […]

Hello all!  Wishing y’all a very Happy Chinese New Year!  Hope everyone is still celebrating this festive week.    As for me, I have a very large family extended to 4 generations.  Getting everyone together is the easy task, just bring loads of food… the whole army will come.   Each brothers and sisters will cook ie. […]

Chinese New Year!

23, Jan 2009

The Chinese New Year is only a few days away (Koreans celebrate too :D). Hope everyone is busy baking cookies. Gong Xi Fa Cai/Gong Hei Fatt Choy! Since I’m a Korean drama/music addict, posting   김경록 (Kim Kyung Rok of VOS) in his hanbok. 이젠 남이야. (Feat. Baby-J Of Jewelry) from his solo album, People & […]

Christmas Day!

29, Dec 2008

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day! What did you all do?  Christmas lunch? Dinner? BBQ with family? Well, I’m posting some of the food we ate.

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