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This has always been our family favorite dessert especially after the Chinese New Year.  We always make sure that we kept as many of the “nin ko” (in Cantonese) to last us for a long time.  It is also known as Tee Kuih (in Hokkien) or just simply Sweet Cake. To make these fritters, we […]

Yam Cake recipe

13, Apr 2009

Yam Cake Recipe Ingredients: 250 grams rice flour 125 grams wheat flour (Tung Meen Fun) 2 ½ cups water (heat till quite warm) 250 grams yam (steam till cooked) 120 grams dried prawns (pound and fried till brown) 50 grams of fried shallots Fresh spring onion, cut freshly chilli Method: Mix the rice flour, wheat […]

Jade Kingdom

13, Jan 2009

If you are looking for good Malaysian food (besides my mom’s cooking of course… :D), either Nyonya or Hawkers food? Look no further… you got to try Jade Kingdom. The owner Chef is a Malaysian, sure guarantees to get great dishes, right? This little restaurant could sit around 40 seating. So, be sure to make […]

Perut Ikan recipe

29, Dec 2008

Simply translated as “Fish Stomach”. This curry is accompanied by herbs and vegetables. It is difficult Nyonya dish and a long process to cook. Here is the recipe: Curry paste stock 2 tbsp chilli powder 10 shallots (minced) 2 tbsp minced lemongrass 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp blue ginger powder 2 tsp belacan powder […]

Yambean (mungkuang) as shown above is vastly available in Australia from any Asian Grocery.  Though these yambean were small but they were cheap this Spring.  For this recipe, it is normally shredded with some carrots too. This Nyonya dish is traditionally cooked during Chinese New Year.  You can have it with rice or as a […]

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