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Hello all,  sorry for not updating the blog.  The only reason – we are all busy.    However, we have been extra busy, thanks to a small little write up in the 2 weeks ago.   But we were a little surprised when a friend rang yesterday to say, we were in the newspaper.  We did […]

Kuih Lapis recipe

5, Apr 2011

This is one of the kuihs that will be featured and available from the restaurant. Yes, it is still not open yet.  It will be sooooooonnnn.  Just a little longer~ be patient.  : ) This kuih has many layers which also means lapis in Malay.   It normally has 9 layers or in Cantonese “Kow […]

Hello all!  Wishing y’all a very Happy Chinese New Year!  Hope everyone is still celebrating this festive week.    As for me, I have a very large family extended to 4 generations.  Getting everyone together is the easy task, just bring loads of food… the whole army will come.   Each brothers and sisters will cook ie. […]

Onde Onde recipe

29, Jan 2011

          Suz has been taking a few traditional kuihs for my little shop (yet to be opened).  Onde Onde is one of the kuih which will be available from the shop.  These pictures are only a test run and there will be a lot of food testing in my kitchen for […]

  Happy New Year, everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful new year! Here’s a new start to the blog… a Nyonya favorite. I love Nasi (rice) Ulam especially where I come from – Penang.  Penang Nasi Ulam.   If you live in Melbourne like me and can’t find any of the herbs, I suggest you […]

    I haven’t made Nyonya Satay for a long time and I know that it has been a vanishing skill to make it.  I haven’t seen Nyonya Satay around for long time too, it is probably rare to see it in Malaysia or Singapore.  Have you eaten any?  If yes, do tell us where […]

Pulut Inti is another popular Nyonya Kuih and I guarantee you, it is the easiest to make.    “Pulut” means glutinous rice and “Inti” is the filling.   I’ve always known Bunga Telang as the two Malay words or Blue Pea/Clitoria ternatea for some.  It is widely available in Malaysia, Singapore or in the Asian countries.  Well, […]

  Madam Kwong’s Perut Ikan (Nyonya Stewed Fish Stomach with Vegetables) is featured on Nyonya Food.  This  recipe was written a while ago on my blog.  I gladly share it with Bee of Rasa Malaysia and Nyonya Food.  So hop over there or check this recipe on this blog.

Coconut Grater

17, Apr 2010

Following my recent guest post at Nyonya Food, Bee from Nyonya Food and Rasa Malaysia asked Suz to take some photos of the traditional coconut grater which I used for my Kuih Bengka.  This precious grater was given to me from a dear friend.  I truly treasure it.   Don’t despair if you can’t use this […]

  If you’ve tried Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC, you gotta try some Nyonya Fried Chicken. The Nyonya calls it Inchi Kabin which is twice fried and crispier.  Even better with the special dipping sauce.     Recipe for Inchi Kabin after the jump:

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