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Pulut Inti is another popular Nyonya Kuih and I guarantee you, it is the easiest to make.    “Pulut” means glutinous rice and “Inti” is the filling.   I’ve always known Bunga Telang as the two Malay words or Blue Pea/Clitoria ternatea for some.  It is widely available in Malaysia, Singapore or in the Asian countries.  Well, […]

I recently received an email from Bee of Rasa Malaysia and Nyonya Food, inviting me to guest post in her amazing blog.  Oh! Do head over there and check out her newly reconstructed design! Bee and I share something in common, well, besides cooking, speaking the same language or the love of food.  We are both […]

Cheese Cake recipe

20, Feb 2010

  Say Cheese! This cheese cake recipe is adapted from a Malaysian Flavour’s magazine May-June 2007 edition.  It is said to be the “simplest and lightest of New York style cheesecake, and almost effortless to make”.  The writer said “impossible to fail”.  I must say, it is all true.  It was very easy to make.   […]

Chinese New Year happened to fall on Valentine’s Day.  This flourless hazelnut chocolate cake recipe is to die for and I’m sure your sweetheart will love you for it, if you baked it for her or him on Valentine’s Day.  This recipe is adapted from The Australian Women’s Weekly magazine. Recipe after the jump:

Pulot Pisang*

18, May 2009

This looks like Pulot Udang which I’ve posted before but this dessert pulot is steamed.  Have a go… Ingredients: 400 grams glutinous rice (soak overnight) 130 grams sugar 250 mls coconut milk (tin) 1 teaspoon salt 10 ripe bananas* Banana leaves Method: Drain rice and steam for 20 minutes. Add in the 130 grams sugar […]

Yam Cake recipe

13, Apr 2009

Yam Cake Recipe Ingredients: 250 grams rice flour 125 grams wheat flour (Tung Meen Fun) 2 ½ cups water (heat till quite warm) 250 grams yam (steam till cooked) 120 grams dried prawns (pound and fried till brown) 50 grams of fried shallots Fresh spring onion, cut freshly chilli Method: Mix the rice flour, wheat […]

Kueh Ko Chee

13, Oct 2008

Another nyonya kueh. This is steamed with glutinous rice paste with coconut filling and wrapped with banana leave (into a cone shape).

Rempah Udang

8, Oct 2008

Posting another Nyonya dessert… spiced glutinous rice rolls wrapped with banana leaf or some call it a spicy prawn dumpling nyonya kueh for a Straits-born Chinese Wedding Specialty.

Kueh Ko Swee recipe

27, Sep 2008

Posting more kuehs… this is steamed rice pudding, sprinkled with grated coconut.  Steamed in little Chinese tea cups. Recipe 185 grams rice flour 60 grams sago flour 280 grams sugar 3 ¼ cups water ½ teaspoon lye water Method Pre-cook the above ingredients till slightly thick. In a steamer heat up small porcelain cups for […]

Bubur Cha Cha

26, Sep 2008

This Nyonya dessert has sweet potato and taro medley in a light coconut sauce.

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