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Hello!  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We have been busy setting up the new shop.  Thank you everyone for writing to us and asking us where the shop is.  We are almost ready and will open in early to mid July.  The shop is located at 1025 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill.  So when […]

Kuih Lapis recipe

5, Apr 2011

This is one of the kuihs that will be featured and available from the restaurant. Yes, it is still not open yet.  It will be sooooooonnnn.  Just a little longer~ be patient.  : ) This kuih has many layers which also means lapis in Malay.   It normally has 9 layers or in Cantonese “Kow […]

Pipis recipe

2, Mar 2011

Australians call them Pipis, some would call them cockles/clams.   I remember my younger days in my hometown, Langkawi, I would walk across to the beach when it was low tide in search for some clams or “lala” (that’s what we call it in Malaysia).  The family would dig and dig with our feet (the easy […]

Hello all!  Wishing y’all a very Happy Chinese New Year!  Hope everyone is still celebrating this festive week.    As for me, I have a very large family extended to 4 generations.  Getting everyone together is the easy task, just bring loads of food… the whole army will come.   Each brothers and sisters will cook ie. […]

Onde Onde recipe

29, Jan 2011

          Suz has been taking a few traditional kuihs for my little shop (yet to be opened).  Onde Onde is one of the kuih which will be available from the shop.  These pictures are only a test run and there will be a lot of food testing in my kitchen for […]

  Happy New Year, everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful new year! Here’s a new start to the blog… a Nyonya favorite. I love Nasi (rice) Ulam especially where I come from – Penang.  Penang Nasi Ulam.   If you live in Melbourne like me and can’t find any of the herbs, I suggest you […]

This recipe is adpated from Catherine Chia recipe dessert collection   Ingredients A 3 eggs 150g caster sugar 1 tsp ovalette 150g self raising flour 125ml concentrated coconut milk 1 tbsp pandan juice Ingredient B 1 grated white coconut 1 tsp flour A pinch of salt Method: 1. Beat eggs, sugar and ovalette till fluffy. […]

Here’s another dessert, a Nyonya kuih. Steamed Cake recipe Ingredient A 5 egg whites 300gm sugar Ingredient B 4 egg yolk 200 ml soda water 350gm self raising flour Method 1. Whisk Ingredient A till fluffy and light 2. Mix together Ingredient B 3. Fold in Ingredient B to Ingredient A 4. Spoon into small […]

Be prepared for lots of dessert recipes!  Anyone with a sweet tooth would be delighted with the next few posts of sweets in the coming weeks!  Here’s a mung bean cake recipe.  Mung Bean Cake recipe Ingredients 200g plain flour 50g butter 80ml water 400g split mung beans 200g sugar oil Filling 1. Soak 400g […]

I am sure some of you have been to Ipoh for this.  Maybe not? Here’s a simple and quick way to cook up Ipoh Hor Fun.   Read the recipe after the jump.

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