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Cucur Badak recipe

9, Sep 2010

  I made these a while ago but haven’t got the chance to write the recipe. This is a Malaysian snack, deep fried with sweet potato dough and its filling.  AND yes, the cucur badak is topped with a prawn. Recipe after the cut as usual

During this time especially in winter, yam bean or jicama would be in season.  I find them plentiful in Asian stores and cheap too.  So what do I do with these yam bean.   Teochew Chai Kueh is simple to make.    There are many ways to wrap the dumplings.  Do whatever is easier for you.   The […]

Dates Chutney recipe

27, Feb 2010

Chutney is normally taken as condiments.  Either with pappadums, rice or roti, whatever you fancy.  That’s up to you.   This easy dates chutney recipe is favorites amongst my sisters.   My younger sister would always beg me to make it.   Granted, her chutney is preserved for her.   Oh! she better come and collect hers soon, Suz […]

Curry Chicken Recipe

4, Jun 2009

This curry chicken dish or some would call it “Kari Kay” (literally meaning Curry Chicken) is cooked to celebrate the end of confinement period and the first month of a newborn.  Accompanied with the curry are the nasi kunyit (yellow tumeric rice,) Angkoo Kueh and hard boiled eggs with the shells colored in its auspicious […]


29, May 2009

Shaomai or Dumpling as it is known in English is traditionally served as dim sum.  I made these for my client’s party and were served as finger food/canapes.  Great bite-size piece, right?    I haven’t got the chance to write the recipe yet but will do so soon.

Mango Salad recipe

20, Jan 2009

This recipe is very refreshing, especially during Summer and mangoes are in season. Here’s the recipe: Sauce 2 Tablespoon chilly sauce 2 Tablespoon tomato sauce 2 Tablespoon plum sauce 3 Tablespoon lime juice 2 Tablespoon sugar ½ teaspoon salt Mix the above sauce together. Next, shred two unripe mango ½ cup mint Slice 1 ginger […]

Chicken Satay Recipe

29, Dec 2008

Marinated chicken skewers accompanied by peanut sauce. Recipe: 600 grams chicken Seasoning for the chicken 1 tsp turmeric 2 tsp curry powder 5 shallots (grounded) 2 garlic (grated) 1″/half tsp blue ginger/”lengkuas” 2-3 Tsp sugar 1 tsp salt Skew the marinated chicken and grill. Gravy (Peanut Sauce) 600 grams peanut (pounded coarsely) 4 candlenut/”buah keras” (blended […]

Yambean (mungkuang) as shown above is vastly available in Australia from any Asian Grocery.  Though these yambean were small but they were cheap this Spring.  For this recipe, it is normally shredded with some carrots too. This Nyonya dish is traditionally cooked during Chinese New Year.  You can have it with rice or as a […]

Bubur Cha Cha

26, Sep 2008

This Nyonya dessert has sweet potato and taro medley in a light coconut sauce.

Mixed Kueh

25, Sep 2008

I’ve posted my kuehs before but not with Suz’s new camera :D. What do you think? (Angkoo Kueh) (from the top – Seri Muka, Kueh Bengka, Kueh Talam and Kueh Lapis)

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