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Mee Java

16, Aug 2008

It is also known as Mee Rebus to some.  I posted this before last year ( Mee Java 2007 )but we had this again today.  Cooked by mom’s friend from Malaysia.  Doesn’t it look enticing! 😛

Bamboo Chopsticks

9, Aug 2008

Looking for some home cook meal?  This little place is where you’ll find a great meal.  We’ve been going there for years.  The chef/owner even grows his own vegetables.  That’s how fresh his dishes are.  This place is also ever popular with take-away. Anyhow, we had 3 dishes for 5 people (lol, small eaters). This is […]

As promised, here are some photos taken while in Hong Kong.  Porridge seems to be a healthier choice for breakfast.  There are so many varieties.  The above porridge was smoothly “blended”.  It’s like you can’t feel lumpy rice lol.  I love Hong Kong style porridge.  Try it while you are in Hong Kong.

Cooked this on the weekend for our family gathering.

Perut Ikan

16, Dec 2007

  Picked fish stomach with herbs and vegetable curry.  (Perut: stomach, ikan: fish)

  The parcel is steamed over boiling water to set the custartd.  Great with rice or roti.

Fish Curry

24, Nov 2007

Ain’t that delicious!

Mango & Prawn Kerabu

24, Nov 2007

Kerabu means tossed or mixed salad/vegetable. Yum!

“Yong Tau Foo”

24, Nov 2007

Varied vegetables stuffed with fish paste, served with sweet bean sauce. Tempting, right?! It is normally deep fried until golden brown, or sometimes braised.  Eggplant/aubergine and bittermelon were used as shown above.

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