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Hello all!  Wishing y’all a very Happy Chinese New Year!  Hope everyone is still celebrating this festive week.    As for me, I have a very large family extended to 4 generations.  Getting everyone together is the easy task, just bring loads of food… the whole army will come.   Each brothers and sisters will cook ie. […]

  Happy New Year, everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful new year! Here’s a new start to the blog… a Nyonya favorite. I love Nasi (rice) Ulam especially where I come from – Penang.  Penang Nasi Ulam.   If you live in Melbourne like me and can’t find any of the herbs, I suggest you […]


30, Sep 2008

A spicy mixed vegetable pickle.  This can be kept refrigerated for months.

Mango & Prawn Kerabu

24, Nov 2007

Kerabu means tossed or mixed salad/vegetable. Yum!

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