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Cutler & Co

24, Jan 2010

It was my aunt’s 60th Birthday and she chose this place to celebrate.  Why? Well, the restaurant won so many awards, “Restaurant of Year” (2 hatted restaurant), “Chef of the Year” and “Best New Restaurant” for 2010.  Located on Getrude Street, Fitzroy.  The Restaurant was an old metal factory and surely depicts what the architecture […]

This Sushi Restaurant is owned by Owner Chef Hiro Nishikura.  This little hidden treasure is a great find.  It is located next to The Glen Shopping centre and so it is not hard to miss the restaurant.  As soon as you step into the restaurant, you’re greeted with “irrasshaima se” (welcome in Japanese) by the […]

Wada name!  This restaurant has changed management and its name a few times, I can’t remember who was last owner.  I do hope this restaurant stays much longer.   The restaurant also serves Yum Cha and said to be really good.  Oh well, will have to come here the next time.  We tried what was recommended […]

Thanh Ha 1

26, Jun 2009

I just love authentic Vietnamese food.   I guessed it is because of the simplicity of the food that makes it appealing.     Lunch time during weekends is always busy but try getting in earlier, you’ll find a spot.  Besides the regular Pho you have at any Vietnamese restaurant, you gotta try other dishes, like the pancake […]

Jade Kingdom

13, Jan 2009

If you are looking for good Malaysian food (besides my mom’s cooking of course… :D), either Nyonya or Hawkers food? Look no further… you got to try Jade Kingdom. The owner Chef is a Malaysian, sure guarantees to get great dishes, right? This little restaurant could sit around 40 seating. So, be sure to make […]

Easy East

27, Nov 2008

Strange name but this little restaurant easily sits approximately 40 people.  Not many Chinese restaurants along Burwood Highway but a few pizza eateries.  I spotted a Sri Lankan restaurant across Easy East.  This restaurant owner chef serves an exceptional braised duck.  You’ll need to pre-order the duck a day before.     Most of dishes were […]

Phu Vinh Restaurant

1, Nov 2008

(without soup) (with soup) We wanted to try something different today for lunch.  Instead of the usual Pho that we normally have, this was more satisfying.  We had this noodle combination in Footscray (next to Footscray Market).  You can have it either with or without soup and your choice of egg or rice noodle. Phu […]

First Taste

16, Aug 2008

We had lunch at First Taste today.  This is one of the 3 franchise.  I’ve been here many times and the food is always consistent.  What did we have?  Hmmm… first course, Ginseng Black Chicken Soup. Dumpling Prawns with egg noodles Preserved Chinese Cabbage and Fish Fillet with rice (by the way, the best part […]

Bamboo Chopsticks

9, Aug 2008

Looking for some home cook meal?  This little place is where you’ll find a great meal.  We’ve been going there for years.  The chef/owner even grows his own vegetables.  That’s how fresh his dishes are.  This place is also ever popular with take-away. Anyhow, we had 3 dishes for 5 people (lol, small eaters). This is […]

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