Catering available!

2 Feb

Dear Customers,

Madam Kwong’s Kitchen has been sold.  We no longer trade at 1025 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill.   Catering is available and pick up from our home.  Contact us to discuss your requirements – email:

If you missed Jean’s cooking, you can always check her out on her Instagram:  jin_madamkwong  and if she’s too busy to post, Suz will post on her instagram:  suz_madamkwong

Happy Eating!!!


Hello all,  sorry for not updating the blog.  The only reason – we are all busy.    However, we have been extra busy, thanks to a small little write up in the 2 weeks ago.   But we were a little surprised when a friend rang yesterday to say, we were in the newspaper.  We did not believe it until we opened the newspaper and there it was.  That small paragraph was beautifully and effectively written by Tony Tan.  We are very grateful.  *Bow* Thank you.





Hello!  Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  We have been busy setting up the new shop.  Thank you everyone for writing to us and asking us where the shop is.  We are almost ready and will open in early to mid July.  The shop is located at 1025 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill.  So when you are around, drop by.   Oh! What you can get from our shop?  …well, Nyonya food, frozen and dry items from Malaysia eg. roti chanai, grated yam beans, curry paste etc.    Anyway, we will inform everyone the actual date of the opening.

Without further ado, here’s everyone favorite dessert “Tau Foo Far”.  You probably “slurp” this when you’re having yum cha, right?  But why not make it at home.  Here’s the recipe after the cut:

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Kuih Lapis recipe

5 Apr

This is one of the kuihs that will be featured and available from the restaurant. Yes, it is still not open yet.  It will be sooooooonnnn.  Just a little longer~ be patient.  : )

This kuih has many layers which also means lapis in Malay.   It normally has 9 layers or in Cantonese “Kow Chan Kuih”. You’ve probably seen different colors in Penang markets but I have been making these combination of colors for many years now. Oh! and peeling the layers is part of the fun too.

Try it! The recipe is under the cut~

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Pipis recipe

2 Mar

Australians call them Pipis, some would call them cockles/clams.   I remember my younger days in my hometown, Langkawi, I would walk across to the beach when it was low tide in search for some clams or “lala” (that’s what we call it in Malaysia).  The family would dig and dig with our feet (the easy and cheap way) till we find enough clams for the whole family.    These Australian pipis are huge, aren’t they?  But they are so juicy.

If you love seafood, this recipe is easy and fast to make.  You can also substitute Pipis with mussels.

PS:  Sorry for the lack of posts… all of us are so busy. ;(

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Hello all!  Wishing y’all a very Happy Chinese New Year!  Hope everyone is still celebrating this festive week.    As for me, I have a very large family extended to 4 generations.  Getting everyone together is the easy task, just bring loads of food… the whole army will come.   Each brothers and sisters will cook ie. pot luck.  Cousins and grandchildren will do their part too, bringing the drinks.    One of the highlight of the dishes, is yee sang ie.  a julienne of carrot, green papaya, pickles, crackers, fresh salmon, sprikle of cinnamon, plum sauce, nuts, sesame seed etc.  As you can see our version of yee sang as above… with everyone tossing the salad (loh hei) for good luck and prosperity.

One of dishes I’ve made for the night was Nyonya Chicken Salad with black fungus or bok nee. It is an easy dish to whip up. Sorry, the photo was taken from an iphone. Therefore, it is not that clear. Here’s the recipe:

Recipe after the cut:

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Onde Onde recipe

29 Jan

onde onde






Suz has been taking a few traditional kuihs for my little shop (yet to be opened).  Onde Onde is one of the kuih which will be available from the shop.  These pictures are only a test run and there will be a lot of food testing in my kitchen for the next few weeks.

I always remember eating these when I was little and Mom always warned me not to eat with an open mouth.  The gula melaka or palm sugar would squirt out.   Don’t you get reminded of it?!  The fragrance from both the pandan leaves extract and gula melaka make the best combination to its recipe.  Hope you’ll try it.

Here is a traditional Nyonya kuih, Onde Onde recipe after the cut.

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Happy New Year, everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful new year!

Here’s a new start to the blog… a Nyonya favorite.

I love Nasi (rice) Ulam especially where I come from – Penang.  Penang Nasi Ulam.   If you live in Melbourne like me and can’t find any of the herbs, I suggest you use any Asian herbs.    I know we can’t find “cekur” leaves in Melbourne.  Last December (yes! just last year),  I spent a few days in Penang with my friends and made some Nasi Ulam.  Oh the memories!  Thank goodness, Suz who tagged along, brought her camera to take these wonderful Herbal Rice.

Recipe under the cut

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Merry Christmas !

24 Dec

This blog was created 3 years ago with the intention to share Nyonya, Malaysian, other Asian, local and overseas food reviews. Next year will be another busy year for us but this will be revealed soon. We have made lots of friends, shared recipes and ideas from this blog. Thank you all. We hope to bring you more recipes etc in the coming new year.

Have a lovely Christmas and blast New Year! Stay safe and healthy.

All the best,

Madam Kwong’s Kitchen XOX

This recipe is adpated from Catherine Chia recipe dessert collection


Ingredients A
3 eggs
150g caster sugar
1 tsp ovalette
150g self raising flour
125ml concentrated coconut milk
1 tbsp pandan juice

Ingredient B
1 grated white coconut
1 tsp flour
A pinch of salt

1. Beat eggs, sugar and ovalette till fluffy. Add in coconut milk. Mix well.
2. Fold in flour gradually and mix well. Add in pandan juice. (Catherine’s recipe has asked for green coloring but I’ve omitted it)
3. Mix grated coconut, flour and salt. Fill 1/3 of moulds. Press firmly. Steam for 1 minute. Pour in Ingredient A. Steam for another 5 minutes.

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